Tuesday, August 25, 2009

this one is for you, Mary

Here are the latest photos of Liahona with a bib that belonged to her Daddy a long long long time ago. I think she enjoyed the meal even more with this bib on!

I had to include this photo of the pink pants so you could tell she's a girl.

And apparently Leah wanted to show us what she's eating - literally.

who wants a camo baby sling?

I know you're amazed right now - amazed at the beauty and wonder that is this baby sling. Let me tell you how it came to be. It all started one innocent Saturday morning while I was sitting at a craft show, minding my own business while trying to sell some of my most treasured handmade crafts. This very nice gentleman approached the table and I proceeded to convince him that his daughter, a new mom could not live without one of the beautiful baby slings that I had lying across the table. He agreed with me, but then in trying to select a sling, he asked if I had any in camo. I told him I would be happy to custom make a sling for him, and the story goes on from there. A few interesting things I learned during this custom job:
1. there are many many different kinds of camo patterns out there. And I'm not just talking about the pink or blue camo. Who knew?

2. Those who love hunting love camo and anything made out of camo. It's a beautiful thing.

3. Our town has many very nice people that I am glad to become acquainted with, from customers at craft fairs, to other vendors, to salespeople at the fabric store.

The other side of this reversible sling. It's scary to say that at first, this nice man wanted two different kinds of camo for the two sides of the sling. He decided after thinking about it a couple of days that perhaps his daughter was not quite so enamored of camo as he is and that she might like something different. I got to choose this pink print myself and I loved it so much I made dresses for Leah, and her cousins Jordan and Emily (well, Emily's is almost done..).