Friday, January 29, 2010

our new friend

I couldn't help using my 50% off coupon at Michael's to buy this little beauty. What little girl doesn't want a pony to play with? I'll be painting it later, and perhaps adding some polka dots? I'll post more pictures when that happens.
Leah doesn't seem to mind that it's unfinished. I wish I had gotten a picture of her in the store, trying it out. She didn't want to get off so I could buy it. Might be the best $15 I've spent this month...

maybe she loves cornbread as much as I do?

I was working on the computer the other day, while Leah was supposed to be playing in the living room (I was checking on her often, but obviously not often enough!). I noticed it had gotten pretty quiet, and so I decided to do some investigating. Here is what I found. She seemed to be pretty excited by her discovery of cornmeal. Thankfully, it was a pretty easy clean up. Even Bernice (Leah's elephant friend) managed to get clean (relatively speaking).

Sunday, January 17, 2010

hope you're sitting down...I'm actually posting something on the blog

No one will be blown away by this post, but just wanted to post some new pictures of Leah that I took today after church. We've got the "get Leah into nursery" count down to 2 months and boy are we keeping track! By the time I'm done with the young women, Michael is usually ready to kill Leah. Today he decided that by noon she was at "defcom 5". He's a saint - the third hour is obviously the hardest!
I have to secretly admit that this blog post is really here just to show my mom the dress I made Leah. It was supposed to be her Christmas dress, but I obviously didn't get it done in time. Then, last week when I finally worked on the dress I planned to make (and I was even going to follow a pattern this time!), it didn't work out. Last night after deciding I didn't have anything to put on Leah for church, I took that dress apart and remade it into this. I love pleats on a little girl...

I just wish Leah would've turned around and faced me while I had the camera ready. She was beyond control though, with a desperate need for both lunch and a nap. She got both soon after our photo shoot and everyone here at the Brown house is much happier now.