Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dionna's party and birthday cake

My mom made such a cute cake for Dionna's party (Sarah's stepdaughter) that I just had to blog about it. She doesn't have a blog herself. (Liz - she wanted you to see how this cake turned out. So cute!)
The ribbon on the "present" is made of Fruit by the Foot and the dots are Dots (the movie theater candy in a yellow box). I think they got this idea fromFamily Fun. I think that's what that magazine is called...
Leah is getting so big that she sits up and forward in her carseat and rocks it like a rocking chair. During the party, she rocked herself right out of it and was so pleased to have freed herself on her own.
Dionna is showing off her new sunglasses, a present from Grandma. (Sarah, look how easy it is to blog about your family. Maybe you should try it sometime...)

swimming with the McCrimmons

After our weekend trip to Charleston to meet up with the Arthurs (I miss you Jenn!!) was canceled because Michael's plane broke during a fuel stop, I stayed in Fayetteville and we had lots of fun! On Saturday, we went to my sister's house for a fun birthday pool party for her daughter Dionna. Leah, as you can see from the photo, loved it!
I think this is how Sarah spends her summer. Lucky girl!
Here is Dionna, Marcus and Jordan, with her very important goggles.
Trying to show just how big her little diaper got during the swim. This picture doesn't do it justice; she looked pregnant! I guess they make those swim diapers for a reason.
This is the goggles picture: Damarcus, Jordan, Dionna, and Marcus. What a fun day!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Leah's latest moves

Just wanted to post a video of Leah's latest moves for the grandmas to see. Enjoy!

ps - Not quite sure why Leah doesn't have any clothes on. Perhaps she's trying to be like her daddy, who only wants to be pictured on the blog without a shirt on.

Monday, June 1, 2009

I finally finished this one

I posted about this dress a few weeks back. I finally finished it and Leah wore it to church yesterday. I love how cute she looks in blue and white.

She's getting quite tall. At the doctor's office last week, she measured 27 inches (and just under 16 pounds!).

As a general rule, I hate photos taken of anyone while they are laying down (babies included) from above them. It's usually pretty unflattering, but I had to get one to show off the dress.

Leah got a new hairbow to match her dress. I hope as she gets older, she won't fight the hairbows. I really do love making them (with the help of my bow-dabra!)

Memorial Day 2009

We spent our Memorial Day this year celebrating with friends at a cookout/ swim party. It was lots of fun and I think Leah really enjoyed soaking in the pool.