Saturday, August 27, 2011

anyone else tired of looking at Bernice yet?

Welcome back to our world friends. We're finally starting to get settled in here in Virginia. Not settled enough to have taken any recent pictures of the kids, but I just had to move the Bernice post down from the top of the page. When I put that one in, I certainly didn't mean for it to be our defining blog post for about 4 months (that was a complete guess - I don't know how long it's been). Anyway, we've just gotten internet access here at home this week and my iphone broke last week, so I don't have any fresh pictures to post but I do have a connected computer.

These pictures are from our trip to Honduras back when Leah was about 9 months old. It seems fitting to be posting these pictures because Mark and Keyla and Isaac moved to the area the same time we did (randomly) and so we've been spending lots of time with them. In fact, I'm pretty sure Ian prefers his Aunt Keyla to me. What can I say? I'm not used to being so close to family. I like it, but I think it might make our move to Beijing even harder next year. We'll see about that.

I can hardly remember when Leah was that small. And now Ian is older than Leah was here. I'll try to get some newer pictures posted soon. Ian is starting to look way too grown up, if you ask me. And although he still doesn't say much (except an enthusiastic "Da-da" when I ask him to say "Mama") he can roar like a dinosaur. I guess boys are boys, even when they're little. Stay tuned for our next post, hopefully soon....