Monday, June 28, 2010

Lulled to sleep

Leah has a rough night last night and was up rather late, which she is not used to at all. This morning, she was enjoying her breakfast while I was enjoying (?) my time on the treadmill. I hopped off to turn on the fan and noticed she had fallen asleep. Poor girl. I stuck her in bed and she slept for 4 hours!

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Is this how I hold him, Mom?

Poor Ian - he looks so pathetic and helpless (like he is, when at Leah's mercy). Leah has started acting more interested in Ian. She often wants to "hold" him and help me take care of him. She sometimes will walk up to us (me, sitting on the couch, holding Ian) and try to take him off of my lap. She is most interested in sharing his pacifier with him. If it's laying on the couch, she eyes it from across the room ("I spy with my little eye..."), darts over, her hand shoots out to grab it, and then she runs off, too fast for me to catch her. She thinks its the best game, mostly because she gets to suck on a passy.

Dr. Evil?

Michael and I have recently had an "Austin Powers" marathon (should I really be admitting that??), so when I got this picture of Ian, I immediately thought of Dr Evil ("one hundred billion dollars..."). Here is our little guy. I think he's looking a little like Stephen, no? Maybe it's all the middle of the night feedings when sometimes I go to switch sides and I can't remember if I already nursed on both sides or just the one. Yikes.

For the record, it takes much longer to get a blog post done when you're only using one hand to type and one hand to hold the baby. But I digress...

So I realize my blog has been quite neglected lately, with all the baby-having and adjusting to life with two kids that's been going on around here. I'm going to try to get back on the wagon and use more blogger and less facebook (which is so easy to upload pictures, it feels like I'm cheating).

Here are a couple of pictures of Leah from Sunday. I made her dress this week (which I'm proud to say was finished by Saturday afternoon - I'm usually pushing midnight or later!). Unfortunately, as you'll read below, I perhaps should've worked on it a little longer.

Funny story: this fabric (I think it's called "linen-look" at Joann's) unravels quite easily, much more easily than the cotton I usually use to make her dresses out of. I noticed as I was dressing her at 8:52 on Sunday morning (church starts at 9!) that I had missed a bit of the side seam when I was sewing the front to the back. This is just fancy talk for what basically amounts to a hole in the side of her dress. In my defense, it was quite small and we were t-minus like 6 minutes for church. So, I just figured I could fix it later, hoping beyond hope that Michael wouldn't notice. I mean this kind of craftmanship would give him ammunition for years. As it turns out, the hole got larger as the day at church wore on. Michael did notice and continues to doubt my sewing abilities. And when I picked Leah up from nursery, one of the leaders said, "I think Leah might have torn her dress". How sweet to not say, "um, Becca, it appears that you need to go back to sewing school to learn that you shouldn't send your daughter to church in a holey dress (I couldn't help saying that, he he )". I haven't fixed it yet, but I did inform Michael that sewing is a skill that is developed as you sew. So, I have to keep on making things that might 'look' homemade to get a finished product that isn't noticeably homemade, or maybe could be described as 'handmade' rather than 'homemade'.

he's almost as big as Leah

Here's a picture I took of Ian yesterday after church. He's hit the point where he will respond to you when you talk to him and smile a lot. Since we're his parents, we think it's pretty much the most awesome thing in the world. You know how that goes.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ian's photo shoot

My brother Mark and his family drove all the way from North Carolina to visit a couple of weeks after Ian was born. Mark's wife, Keyla is an amazing photographer and she got some great shots of our new little boy. She worked so hard while trying to get him to pose just right! If you live in NC and you haven't had your family's picture taken in a while, hire Keyla. She makes everyone look good!

We were happy to have them visit. Leah wasn't so sure about having to share her toys with Isaac (their 3 year old), but we had fun. Michael and Mark are secret bff's, and they were able to spend many hours playing video games. We visited the aquarium and the Selena Museum. We were sad to see them go. It was a fun visit.