Friday, May 14, 2010

I knew I never liked shopping at Motherhood Maternity...

Two stories to tell this morning. The first one goes along with the pictures, so I'll tell that one first. Before I do that, here's some details on little Ian: he weighed 8 pounds, 1 oz and measured 21" long. Almost a pound and a half more than Leah!! I knew I was bigger with this one. He came very quickly (we were quite happy with that) and he's been a great baby so far. He latched right on about 30 minutes after he was born. The only struggle is keeping him awake so he'll actually eat. We feel so blessed to have such a sweet, healthy baby. And in comparing him to newborn pictures of Leah, they are like carbon copies except for the dark hair. We'll see if that sticks (Leah hasn't stopped looking like Mee-shell since birth).

So, if you know me (and you do, if you're reading the blog), you know that I sometimes struggle to get things together. Easy things. Like finding a cute outfit to bring my newborn home from the hospital in. Other people make this look easy. When Leah was born she was so tiny she wore preemie clothes for about 3 weeks. So I thought I would be smart with this one and buy a couple of preemie outfits for his trip home from the hospital. I thought he was bigger and probably wouldn't wear them as long as Leah did, but I felt sure they would work for the first couple of days. So, baby comes and it's time to go home. I get his little sleepers out (3 to choose from, all preemie sized. Could I not have brought a couple of bigger things to choose from???) and none of them fit. He's skinny enough, but he's just so long. What to do?? You can't take the baby home naked. Don't worry - Michael took charge and goes out in the hall to find some scissors. He cuts off the feet of his little dog sleeper and comes back in, proud of himself that he preserved the cute doggie feet. And sure enough, the sleeper works. But you'll see in the pictures that where the little feet are supposed to be hit him almost to his knees. I hope he'll get his height from me. Judging the size of his feet, I think he will.

Ok, second story. This one is a bit more tragic. I have heard that wearing a belly band, like a compression band can help your belly return to normal faster after a pregnancy. I have been meaning to get one, but just keep forgetting. So, last night Michael and I went to the mall to get one. Because this belly needs some help! So, keep in mind that I'm only 3 days past giving birth. I walk into Motherhood Maternity and ask about the belly bands. She starts to show me and I'm asking about what size. She says to me that I need to wait to have the baby and then see what size I am. I told her (with clenched teeth, I'm sure) that I had already had the baby. She asked when. I told her on Monday. Then she had the nerve to ask me if I had a c-section or if they had kept me an extra long time at the hospital. No, I answered to both of these. Then she asked, "Well then why are you just here buying this tonight?" Did you not hear me lady??!!!!!! I said I just had a baby. They're not like cabbage patch dolls that you bring home from the hospital. You actually have to care for them around the clock. I'm going to have to assume that this person has never actually given birth or taken care of a baby ever in her life. I think my shopping experience might have gone better if she had.