Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Father and son QT

Michael recently decided to share some of the finer things in life with little Iowa (ie Super Mariocart on the wii).

They are both pretty fond of the frontpack. Soon after being loaded up, Ian went right to sleep.

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Stuck on the couch...

This is what happens when you are stuck on the couch nursing your little baby after your bigger baby grows arms long enough to reach the countertops. Thank goodness I moved the knife that I used to cut the cantaloupe to the back of the counter. I'm pretty sure she realizes the freedom she has once I grab the boppy and the baby and head for the couch. Now if I could just work up enough energy to mop the now sticky floor.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


We tried to show off the best of what Corpus Christi has to offer while family was in town visiting for Ian's blessing. First stop was the new Bayfront Park in downtown Corpus. Leah loved splashing around while Mom, Dad, Ian and I watched. She is a girl who loves accessories, so I had no trouble getting her to keep her hat on while in the sun.

Leah is having a quite enchanted love affair with my dad these days. While Papa is awake and around, she wants nothing to do with anyone else (including me!!). While visiting, Grandma could only get Leah to hang with her if Papa was still in bed. It was pretty cute. She would sit with him or stand next to him and lean over for a kiss every few minutes, just to make sure we all knew he belongs to her. It was only a problem when Dad was trying to pack up the car and Leah insisted on following him everywhere. It's hard to get things done with a toddler as a shadow. I wonder if it will be the same when we see them next.
We also took a trip to the beach. It was stinky and the beach was full of seaweed (so could not compete with the beaches that we're used to in NC!), but Leah was pretty happy to be there.

Spike's blessing

Our little Ian Alexander was blessed on Sunday. We were lucky to have lots of family in town for his special day. My mom made an adorable outfit for him to wear with a matching blanket. He was all smiles for most of the day.

I think he was getting lots of attention during his little photo shoot.

Umm, a family of four? What are we - real adults now? This picture kind of blew my mind when I saw it. Not a great one, but the best one that shows the whole family.

Grandma and Papa with little Ian. Mom did such a good job on his outfit - thanks Mom!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

At the park

There's an awesome new park here in Corpus downtown on the bayfront. We had a little playdate there this week prior to the hurricane weather moving in (although check out the sky in some of the pictures!). Leah got to play with Holly and Cason. She loved it.


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Date night

Michael left on Tuesday afternoon to evacuate planes for the impending hurricane that never stopped by our house. I had the pleasure of taking care of our children while sick with a virus (so glad I'm not a single mom!!!). It made it a little of a challenging week. So when Michael returned on Friday morning, I decided we (I) needed a date night. We even left Ian with the babysitter for the first time. It was a real treat to be alone. We had dinner at Rudys Bbq (and wished the Arthurs were with us!) and played putt putt (and wished the arthurs were with us again). Meeshell beat me (obviously) but I wasn't that far behind him.

Then we got ice cream at Sonic, where we saw a possum run into a tree in front of our car. I think I've watched 'Ice Age' a few too many times with Leah because embarassingly enough, I asked Michael if possums walked on two legs or four. He explained to me that in real life, they walk on four legs and they don't talk either. Yikes- turn the tv off becca.

(can you spy michaels legs in this picture? He's trying to shake the possum out of the tree so he can see him again. Strange.)

All in all, it was a fun date and a great way to spend a Friday night.