Tuesday, April 14, 2009

still my little burrito

Not too long ago, I was reading some of the handouts we got at the hospital back when Leah was born. I noticed on one of the instruction sheets, it said to swaddle your newborn for about 10 days, to help them feel more secure. I must say that we still swaddle Liahona at 7 months. She likes it (?), I think. I think it's something of a sleep signal for her. When she's swaddled, she knows to go to sleep. I've even tried putting her down without wrapping her up; it became quite a fight for sleep.

Anyway, I snapped this photo a couple of weeks ago. I laid Leah down on the floor to play on this blanket. Before I knew it, she had wrapped herself up like a little burrito. If that's not proof that she loves being swaddled...

Easter 2009

We had a great Easter this year. Here is Leah (yes, finally Mom!) wearing the dress that Mom made for her (matching her cousins). So cute! We had Easter baskets with candy at our house. Leah was really enjoying her first peanut butter egg. She takes after her mom.
Here she is, smiling at Dad behind the camera.
Here's Leah's basket, which is almost as big as she is.
Even Mee-shell was good enough to get an Easter basket this year. We really did go to church and celebrate Christ's resurrection, the real celebration of Easter. We just couldn't help enjoying some candy and Easter baskets as well.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Roberto

We celebrated our good friend Roberto's birthday a few weeks ago with Sunday dinner at our house. Good old Jennifer made a lovely birthday cake for him.

We had good food for dinner (chicken salad not made with canned chicken). Katie and Andrew (more good friends) also joined us.

Michael had an awesome time, as evidenced by this photo. He loves pictures.

Even Leah joined in, tasting her first tortilla chip, all in the name of celebration for Rob. What are we going to do without the Arthurs?

I'm turning into my mother

I've decided to start trying to sew again. I know enough to think that I can sew, but not enough to know how to sew things that really look good. I'm hoping to change that. I just made a baby sling for a friend and loved how great it was to sew it and finish it, that I decided to finish sewing a dress for Leah that I started when she was about 1 week old. I worked on it today and am actually quite close to being finished. Wanted to post a picture of the little matching panties that I made tonight (of course pictured next to the number 1 tool for sewing: an iron - I learned that from my mom). I will post the dress when it's finished. I'm hoping it's going to actually fit Leah. The length seems like it might be a bit short (Leah's seems really long for how skinny she is) so I'm going to add some to the bottom hem.

I thought of you tonight Mom, as I was sewing. First of all, my sewing machine was out in the living room (remember when you didn't have a sewing room so the sewing machine was in the family room?) and I had the volume on the TV turned way up so I could hear ER. What made me think of you most was when I had to pick out a few stitches. It might've been a little more than a few, but I remember you telling me how Grandma would tell you to pick out your mistakes or you wouldn't be happy with the final result when she was teaching you to sew. I just can't figure out why I didn't really really learn to sew when I lived close to you? What a mystery. Does anyone know how confusing it is to ask your mom how to sew on bias tape over the phone and try to understand? I think I got it, though. Thank goodness we put in the zipper while you were here!

p90x continues...

Our commitment to P90X continues. We've added a new workout partner to our yoga workouts. Her name is Leah. She does an awesome upward dog. She's still working on mastering all of the other yoga poses that we are forced to do during the ninety minute (yes I said 90 minutes!) workout. That explains why she's on the floor with us. I usually put her down for a nap before starting, and many days during the yoga dvd, she wakes up before we've even finished.

To answer your next question, no our abs don't look like this yet (unless of course you're holding out on me Jenn!),
but we've been pretty good at keeping our 6 day a week workout schedule except when we've been out of town or had family visiting. What am I going to do when Jenn leaves??!!!

hot diggity dog

The good news is that little Liahona is finally starting to wear clothes that correspond to her age. For instance, this dress is size 6 months (compliments of Mary). Yay for Leah! It feels like just a couple of weeks ago she was wearing 3 months. I guess taking her off the diet really helped. If only they made "light" formula Jenn! Just a joke. She's actually started eating quite a variety of foods in the last couple of weeks. She loves carrots and sweet potatoes. Of course, who doesn't?

Mountain Dew's newest spokesperson

Leah has obviously reached that stage where she explores her world by putting things in her mouth. We seem to get a big kick out of this, especially when Michael hands his drink of choice to her. She grabs onto it and immediately brings it to her mouth, as though she instinctively knows what carbonated goodness is in her hands. What a wonder child!

Look how tall I am!

Forgive me, but I've been a slacker about blogging lately, so I've got some random things to post right now. These are Leah's new khakis - what 6-month-old doesn't need khakis? I thought she looked mighty tall in this photo. Always a cutie...