Tuesday, October 25, 2011

our fam

Michael is working on his camera skills so he took a few snapshots of us a few days ago. I can't seem to find the time (or motivation!) to learn how to use our fancy camera, so I'm glad he is. Does anyone out there think Ian needs a haircut?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

keep the pictures coming

Keyla emailed me all the pictures she has taken of our family outings the last month or so and so I'm just going to post them all here. Most of these are from Leah's birthday party. The only oddball one is the one of Ian below which was taken at the National Harbor on Labor Day. These kids just keep getting bigger with every passing day!

more pictures

Keyla and I went on a field trip to Old Town Alexandria with the kids to get some shots of Leah and Isaac. Leah wasn't in a very cooperative mood and the pictures show it. She ended up getting sick later, so I think she just wasn't feeling up to it.

our trip to the zoo

In an answer to all of the requests to update the blog with new pictures, here are a bunch from our trip the zoo back when my family was visiting for Leah's b day. It's kind of crazy to go to the zoo with that many people, but it was fun. All of these pictures were taken by Keyla.