Saturday, February 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Dr Seuss

We decided to celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday on Saturday by going to the Dr Seuss storytime at Target. Ian had to take one for the team and skip his morning nap (look at those poor tired eyes!). Too bad my kids are pretty unfamiliar with the idea of sitting down and listening to someone read a book, unless they're sitting in your lap (how we do it at home).
You see all of the nice attentive kids sitting quietly with their attention on the person reading the book? Notice that none of them belong to me. These two just couldn't keep still.

Leah was pretty happy when she realized that there were snacks being handed out. That worked for a little while. She even got a juice box.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

moving on up

We've had a bit of a bed problem ever since we became a family of four. I'm not sure if it's a problem of too few rooms or the wrong beds or what, but bedtime has always been a bit of a rigamaroo. Two cribs in their room, a pack n play in the kitchen, a bassinet hiding out my closet. Lots of options. You never knew who was going to sleep where and in what bed. I recently discovered that Leah's crib had been recalled so we returned that one to the store and moved her to Ian's crib. Then Ian was relegated to the bassinet.

It's a cute bassinet, but I really got the feeling that Ian was beyond it when he started standing up in it. Safety is of the utmost importance around here (which explains why we would put an 8 month old to sleep in a bassinet). It was on this day that Ian was then assigned to the pack n play, which is now shuffled around for naptime and bedtime. Ian spends his naptime in my room and then I have the distinct pleasure of moving the pack n play back into the kid's room for bedtime each day. Yikes. I'm expecting that we'll have more bedrooms in our house in Beijing. Boy, we'll sure know how to put all that room to good use!

Speaking of sleeping, a few weeks ago I put Leah down for her nap, forgetting that I had left a couple of clean shirts hanging on Leah's (Ian's) crib to dry. Leah took this opportunity to stage a wardrobe change.

"Hey, Mom, I've got my clothes changed. Now can I just get out of bed already??!?"

I can't tell you how awesome I think that girl is. Being a mom is such a gift.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

fei ji

The piglets and I found ourselves finishing up our grocery shopping at the commissary the other day right as Michael was finished with his flight. We took the chance to stop by work and let Michael show us the ins and the outs of the airplanes that he flies {including the weird bathroom corner in the back, in such a small plane, so so strange. And, just for information's sake, it is generally used only for#1 in desperate situations, but legend tells us that one guy in one of the other squadrons had to use it for the big business. Yikes. Really wish I would've gotten a picture of that. Who cares about the outside of the plane anyway, right?}

"Hey Michael, I know. Since we're all here, let's take a nice family photo. What do you think?"
"No, Leah, try to look at the camera like the rest of us. Come on."

"No, Ian, you too. Come on people, is this your first family photo, or what??"

"Ok, whatever. I'm obviously the only one who gets what's going on here."

v day 2011

We love valentine's day at our house. This year, Leah and I made Mee-shell some cookies. Leah helped roll them out, cut them with the cookie cutters and even helped a little with the frosting (mostly she just acted as quality control, making sure the frosting tasted good).

I know what you're thinking - no these are not cookies that I purchased at the bakery. These are THE cookies we made. And yes, we are professionals.

Mee-shell even got in on the kitchen action. He made me a lovely plate of heart shaped french toast with strawberries and cream. It was a delicious breakfast. Leah obviously agrees.

Monday, February 21, 2011


I need a haircut and I can't stop drooling and all my mom wants to do is take pictures of me. She's no help at all.

bath time

You have to take these pictures when you're a parent, right? No butt crack shots though. Not yet anyway.
I'm pretty sure their heads are the same size. I think that explains why when we go shopping, people keep asking me if they are twins. That would be a no, as Ian is playing bobble head in the front of the cart, holding on for dear life and Leah is in the back trying to jump out.

Maybe looks can be deceiving?? No twins here so far. Wouldn't that be nice, though? Ooh if Michael read this blog he would be so mad I even typed that. It's pretty much his worst nightmare (trumped really only by the idea of triplets!!). And no, I'm not pregnant (in case you're wondering). Just contemplating how I'm going to get my babies here before my husband is officially an old man. Multiples would be nice for that.

in lieu of a video...

I thought I would post these awful blurry photos to show how Ian and Leah like to spend their time together during the day. Leah loves to have Ian crawl on her. The minute he even sets foot (or should I say 'knee' as he crawls over) in her direction, she starts laughing hysterically and says "I got you, I got you." Yep, it's pretty awesome to see.

For these pictures I'm pretty sure Ian had started to climb up on the bookshelf and Leah basically crawled underneath him so they could play.
They entertain each other pretty well.

don't act like you're not impressed

Thank goodness Leah doesn't do this very often.

Monday, February 7, 2011

shake what zumama gave you...

So, with it being just barely February, I'm still working on my new year's resolutions (although I have less than a perfect record thus far, I keep climbing back on the horse when I fall off, or rather when I stay in bed). One of those resolutions obviously includes becoming more healthy, fit or skinny, however you want to label it. We have a great zumba studio here in Corpus called ZuMama Fitness that I really like going to. They're pretty hard core here. I realized this when during one of my first classes a couple of the girls pulled on a (no kidding!) belly dancing scarf, adorned with chimes and coins and sparkling diamonds and whatever else you put on a belly dancing scarf. What in the world?? It was pretty awesome. I ridiculed (in my mind) this idea until tonight when I thought perhaps this scarf could help me to shake what my mama gave me with a little more power or vigor or whatever. So, I looked on the internet to get a picture (no, not to buy one. How could I ever begin to explain that purchase to good old Mee-shell???) and found a fantastic quote.

"This scarf is great for Belly Dancing, Zumba or casually wearing with jeans, skirts, swimwear or with just about anything." That is what this website said. Seriously. You know I've lost it when I start thinking I can wear one of these puppies over my jeans or "with just about anything". I'm really going to miss this place when we leave. And I honestly am going to miss my zumama classes. The instructors are great there. And just so you don't worry, I'll be sure to post a picture of that if I ever get one. You never know....