Monday, April 30, 2012

Easter, a few weeks late

We celebrated Easter this year with my sister Sarah and her family. They came to DC for a visit and it happened to fall on Easter weekend. Leah was lucky enough to get a new dress made by her Grandma.

Meanwhile, Ian got a new suit, compliments of his mother. I think it's so fun to make little boy clothes. I better enjoy it now. I'm sure he will put up a fight about it later in life.

The all stars

These two are becoming pretty good friends. They are just like I remember being with my siblings; best of friends and best of enemies. Tonight Leah was pushing Ian around in the baby stroller. Before she started off, she made sure to do up his seatbelt. There's nothing like being a mom sometimes...

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Mud run 2012

I do have friends here!!  A group of us from church decided to team up for the 5K mud run that was held this weekend in Rock Creek Park in Maryland (or perhaps more accurately, these other 4 girls decided to team up and I joined late, as a team of one).



When we got to the race, my only thought was "what was I thinking?  I paid money to do this??"  The morning of, I checked my phone and the current temperature was 48 degrees....what the what??  Isn't it spring?  And how can I go get muddy and wet in cold weather?  It was pretty cold and a little wet, but it turned out to be a blast. I felt like I was at girls camp, but I got to take a shower afterwards.  And for the record, the shoes and few other choice articles of clothing didn't make the drive home.  Some things just can't be saved.