Friday, January 25, 2013

Christmas Eve night

After getting their new jammies, reading the Christmas story out of the scriptures and watching the nativity video, we continued the tradition of opening one gift on Christmas Eve.

This is a Michael thing (from when he was a child perhaps?) and one that I have tried to outlaw (I love the anticipation of gifts on Christmas morning and really like to wait to open all of the presents in the morning), but I guess we are going with it.

That's the good thing about Christmas traditions - the mixture of habits and celebrations from each parent's childhood. The kids were happy to get to unwrap some of the loot before bed.

Once we got the kids in bed, I spent time in the kitchen prepping for the cinnamon rolls for breakfast.

Michael spent his evening laying out Ian's new train track set from Santa.

Leah's dollhouse also got set up. I had fun getting all of the adorable furniture set up just right.

Everything was ready for the morning wake up. Christmas is fun for everyone, but we especially enjoyed the excitement of our kids this year as they are catching on to the idea of Christmas and all the fun that goes along with it.

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