Saturday, January 26, 2013

Christmas morning

Although this picture is blurry, I think you can still see the excitement on Leah's face as she came downstairs and saw all of the presents under and around the tree. Ian was also super excited.

First stop: play with the new dollhouse and train set that Santa had left out in front of the tree. Ian actually played all morning with his trains. We had a hard time getting him to open his gifts when it was his turn.

Leah jumped right into the present opening and helped us pass out the gifts as each person had their turn.

As soon as she unwrapped her princess dress from her cousin Emily, she had to put it on immediately.

She was quick to help Ian unwrap his presents when he was taking too long to do it.

We got lots of presents from all of our generous family, who lovingly shopped, packed up and shipped to us here in Beijing.

Thanks to their efforts, the kids were able to have the same kind of Christmas celebration that we are used to having in the US. We felt very blessed.

I didn't feel so blessed to have to clean this mess up, but the kids contently played all day long with their new toys. All in all, it was a great Christmas Day.

And no Christmas Day would be complete without these lovelies. Seriously, could not stop eating them. Leah often asks when we will have Christmas again. And when it snows here in Beijing she is always convinced that Santa is going to come back to our house.

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