Friday, January 25, 2013

Christmas shopping

We set out a few days before Christmas to do a little bit of shopping here in Beijing. We ordered most of our gifts online but needed to pick up a couple of small things. First stop: McDonald's. This isn't too far from our house and actually tastes pretty authentic.

The kids were having fun and they always get lots of attention while we are out and about. It's mostly because of their light hair, but their Chinese also brings them adoring fans as well.

He loves getting his picture taken. Can't you tell?

Next stop on the agenda was the mall right down the street from our neighborhood (where the McDonald's is actually located). There was plenty of Christmas decorations up, which the kids loved.

Some of it was a little strange, but it was mostly normal (welcome to China, where life is mainly weird with a tiny tiny bit of normal). The kids loved getting up close with this snowman.

We also had a quick photo shoot with some adorable bunnies upstairs.

We had a fun little outing together. It's nice to have some shopping options close to home and not to have to go downtown for everything.

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