Saturday, January 26, 2013

Marine Corps Ball

One of the biggest events of the year for us here at the embassy is the Marine Corps Ball. A good reason to get all dressed up.

I had some struggles with my dress, as I was just getting to the point of having a baby bump. I actually had a dress made here at a tailor shop, but it wasn't right at all. In fact, in Meeshell's tactful way, he asked that I please not wear it : ). So I scrounged around and came up with something I wore while I was pregnant with Leah, on a cruise with MB and my parents. It worked but I was disappointed about the dress.

I wasn't very excited to go but in the end I had a pretty good time. Although as the party went on (until 1am or so!), this pregnant mama asked to be taken home at around 9:45. Just can't party like I used to, I guess.

I was happy to have this guy as my date. So handsome, right?

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