Friday, January 25, 2013

Christmas Eve traditions

In our efforts to make this year's Christmas a normal celebration (even though we are so far away from where we used to call home) we headed out on Christmas Eve day to have some holiday fun.

Our first stop was at the Hilton down by the embassy which has the best train set up that I have ever seen before. The kids were in heaven, to say the least.

This gives you an idea of the scale. The Christmas tree in the middle is huge, and the train set up had many different levels and trains. There was such intricate details.

This kid was in heaven. He and Leah ran around the track, following the trains as they went along their tracks. I'm not sure the employees at the Hilton knew what to think of us and our kids. The strange thing is that we were the only ones who were there to see the trains. Seemed to me like a fun (and free!) place to bring your kids on Christmas Eve day.

Next stop was a great (American??) burger place close by the hotel. This is our newest tradition - burgers and fries (not the kind from McDonald's like in our last post) and shakes for lunch on Christmas Eve day.

The kids loved it and so did I. It tasted like a real burger. The meat here is usually a little bit or a lot different than what we used to eat in the US.

A big fat juicy burger and sweet potato fries really hit the spot. I know just where we will come next year.

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